Story Telling

I have two main characters who perform as Story tellers Kamishibai Man and Williams Wordmonger.

Kamishibai Man and Williams Wordmonger

Japanese Kamishibai Theatre thrived in the 1950’s with over 3000 sweet salesmen practicing the art of picture card storytelling, from the back of a two wheel bike!
Alas with the arrival of television films and fast food, Kamishibai died.
Till now, the Hatton gallery in Newcastle Together with Seven stories commissioned me to make and perform with the Kamishibai Theatre to advertise their Exhibition “Through Eastern Eyes”. I wrote the first story and drew the picture cards for my story, called “Two Brothers” about how Kamishibai came to be. It was performed for the first time at the Hatton Gallery, to great acclaim.
I have been using Kamishibai with Philosophy for children as a stimulus for debate.

Education and Kamishibai

Kamishibai in award winning presentation For NIACE adult learners award with Age concerns Lifelink Project.:

This has been in conjunction with my partner Michelle Whitworth of the “Lifelink Project” Through Age Concern North Tyneside. I also gave a talk at the Storytellers Association convention in April last year.

I have acquired and written further stories, recently commissioning a local

Artist to Illustrate “Dusty feet” the latest story, about a smelly king. I have performed on the streets of Newcastle and and Northampton and for Her Majesty the Queen at Scunthorpe. My storytelling is a delight to listen to and will leave a sweet taste in your mouth, I guarantee!

Williams Wordmonger

Commissioned Initially for Seven stories as a one off Williams was revived last year for a six week stint at Seven stories. Telling stories, rhyming, singing songs and generally interacting with children and adults to get them interested in words. He carries his portable peddlers pack on his back as a mobile resource encouraging children to play with words.

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