Prop Making

I have been prop making for myself and others for over forty years, past clients include Rik Mayle, Lindsey Kemp, Shepperton studios the list is endless.

I started making props with Puppets, Punch and Judy then of course the booths. I made sets of Puppets  for Harrods, Heals, and Jenners, Tiger Tiger, in the kings road, and the Walrus and the Carpenter in Glasgow.

As I became more interested in clowning I stared making clown cars, I have made five in all, Wire walking was my next challenge and I make freestanding wire rigs and more recently Slack wire rigs. These usually come through commissions. I would be interested in making anything in wood metal fibreglass, plastic cloth in fact anything as I like a challenge below are a few pics of recent commissions. My son Charlie also follows in the family tradition and will work in all materials.

Small World below commissioned by “Walk the Plank” for the Newcastle Gateshead Inititive but has also appeared at Manchester and Edinburgh.