Cyclus Circus

New All Electric Cyclus Circus

These are Just a few of the Clown Bikes, trikes, Quads, we use with Cyclus Circus to promote Cycling in all its varied forms. We “Bike our Spoke” and this Year we have Gone All Electric for drive with Replenishment Via Solar Panels.

What Makes Us Unique?

What makes our clown bike unique is the thought behind each one. Every section of the Cyclus Circus has a different theme.The past, Penny farthings, Lightweight  through Pedersens, Folding through Brompton and Connectivity with Small world our interconnected parade Trike-multi. 

Provoking ideas as to how you might use bikes in everyday life; we aim to stimulate and amuse with our eco friendly & fun clown bikes. We do this through Comedy lecture demonstrations

Why not book us and see what we can do for you its eco friendly and Fun!