Bo’s Family Tree has many branches. Here is a “pruned ” list of clown characters & entertainers. Bo can perform up to three in one afternoon!!! Those with a star are Stilts characters.* If you want more or Different Please ask.

Bo-the Clown

Traditional tramp, singing, dancing, full-face Clowning. For In your face full on Clowning You Can’t beat Bo!


The Coolest Dude This Christmas. Snowbo was conceived as a change of Character for a long running Christmas booking In London at Lovell’s the solicitors firm in Holborn. I used to work outside welcoming Clients, I built a costume to be warm in except that year I was promoted to work in the Centrally heated foyer. One little girl was heard to say looking at my face “look mommy the snowman’s melting” I was running with sweat!!


Rude mechanical. From mechanical to nervous breakdowns, Bo-Breaker has seen  (and had!) them all. So deal with a Man of experience. Ideal for eco friendly bike gatherings promotions. Book Bo-Breaker. See also Cyclus Circus!

Professor Screwtop BBC ITV Handcuffs and Barred.

Screwtop is Bo’s Q ( from the James bond films) he makes all Bo’s props and Gadgets Favorite TV show The Gadget Show!.

Bo-Lonesome American singing cowboy*

We all love the tales of the wild west, the folk law, gun law!!!, Hold it right there pardner. Some things have changed. Lonesome is a Cowboy with a mission Eco friendly PC correct, ask his analyst .Give him five and shoot the breeze. Listen to good old American homespun philosophy as wholesome as aunt Jemimas apple pie. Get deputised and join his crusade!


Balladeer boulevardier with stilts-bike and own onions. Add real Garlic flavour to your event. Chanson the sweet talking onion salesman from Gay Parie. On a secret mission from the French government, learn the secret of his Gaelic charm, be wooed by his winning ways, swoon to his melodious voice. For a man who really knows his onions!


Mediaeval mirth-merchant. Bo Jest Medieval Mirth Maker Practicing Prankster. At home on the street, Fayre, or Banquet. With or without Stilts. Can perform spots with Bed of Nails and Fire! Ideal Compare for Medieval Banquets

Sir Bo-Klankalot.

  Your Knight in  shining Armour Has arrived at Last (only three hundred years late blame the buses!!!!!!  Book now before rust sets in.

Nutty Slack

Singing chimney, Solid Fool Advisory Centre. I’m Nutty my names Nutty Slack, I’m a chimney a big Pot a Stack. Christmas is Nutty’s time he will give you a warm Glow A Solid Fool!!!!

Count Spectacular Vampire,

The ultimate pain in the neck.

Lord Beau

17th Century Wit, Rake, Shovel and Spoon. My Name is Lord Beau from a long time ago ,when the Wit and the Fop were a Plenty, Where Masquerade balls were held in Grand Halls, for the privileged and Rich cognisanty.

Nobby the Norfolk Gnome

The ideal garden ornament

Long John Silver ( on Stilts)

with petrified parrot. Long John Silver returns with more Tall Tales from The Caribbean and Treasure Island. This is a character to Look up to as Jim Hawkins found out

Dame Dilly Grockel A.K.A Granny Grockel

on whom fortune frowns. How do you describe an enigma like Dame Dilly, a variation on natures norm? Since Dilly decided to “come out”, of retirement that is, there has been no stopping her. Wowing the Stock- exchange, De-beers, Mathers bank, and many more. She brings the traditions of Music hall, Pantomime, and good old fashioned “Camp”, to address today’s modern issues. She is equally at home opening a Fete with her vintage car and chauffeur, Attending festivals as visiting dignitary, or entertaining at table corporately on her bike. “So many of my boy friends said, On yer Bike, I bought one!” Her experience is vast and she enjoys talking about it, “Talking is what I do best”.


Town crier or should it be Laugher (On Stilts). Bo Crier the old fashioned PA lets you know what’s going on and a lot more besides!!!!!!!!! A Man to look up to!!

Kamishibai Man

Japanese story-card theatre on the back of a bike! See my other site for more details 

We also Bespoke personal images for special events, past events include, Bo-Cupid Valentines day, Benn Gunn, old salt with lots of seafaring pepper!  Bo- Bibulos Drunk as a skunk monk,the list goes on, so if you don’t see it ask.